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"Quantum Power Identity Master COACH" Certification
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Our biggest Enemy is fear of being our true powerful self.
Most people believe that it is fear of failure that keeps us from moving forward, the contrary is true. We are afraid that we will never be the most powerful version of ourselves, and the ultimate failure is staying stuck in the uncomfortable comfort zone that we have been conditioned to live in. What is believed to be the fear of failure is an excuse so you don’t have to face your worst enemy: the fear of being powerful.


Imagine freeing 5 days of your busy life to dedicate your time to overcome the 7 core fears on your path to becoming the most powerful version of yourself. Just follow along and discover what you immediately feel in your body, think of in your mind or remember from your experience.


There are 7 dominant fears that keep you imprisoned in your current less powerful identity and make you resist being in your power. Those fears make you pretend to be much less than you can be, in order to please people that you don’t like. However, you are being conditioned to want their appreciation because otherwise you will not feel good enough and maybe even a bit alone or rejected or not wanted.

You do good to others because you believe the golden rule:
”Do to the others what you would like them to do to you!". 
That is the lamest saying to keep you stuck in the least powerful version of yourself.
The awakened Quantum Power Identity would say: “I will speak my truth even if you don’t agree and may even be triggered by it. 
I invite you to speak your truth to me because I know your truth is as important as mine and you have all the rights to make that true for you.”

The point is not about treating others in certain ways. 
Powerful people respect people and accept them to be different without judgment. 
That is true power: not to want people to be nice because you are not emotionally strong enough to deal with rejection.

„Working with the quantum field changed everything for me. I am more fulfilled, my children appreciate me and I enjoy my business, it has never been like this. 
Thanks for your work!"  Claudia (45)

JUST FOR A SHORT TIME FOR € 999,- instead of € 5.000,-


Becoming a certified QUANTUM POWER IDENTITY MASTER COACH & help others to Reset their Identity Frequencies, erase their false beliefs around their persona and co-create a new QUANTUM POWER IDENTITY for your clients.


Unlock & integrate your Quantum Power Identity, who is an Unshakeable Master in chaos.
Energy-body connection
Activate energetically your Pineal Gland and Heart Frequency to get coherence with your original POWER FREQUENCY
POwer WOUND Healing
The biggest conflict today is the POWER-PARADOX: You want power and you don't want power. Overcome the old programing and reprogram your life
 ✨ If you ever asked for a sign, here it is✨ 
The 7 CORE prisons of fear
  • POWERLESS: The belief that you are not powerful enough to stand up and show yourself. You make yourself smaller and have lots of problems to be seen, or to be confronted or to lose face or not be good enough. You often don't want to hurt people's feelings and that is the reason you often don't really say what you mean.
  • PLAYFUL-LESS: The fear of being seen as not serious, responsible, qualified enough, people shut down their spontaneity and reduce their light side because they don't want to not be taking seriously. They don't want to appear childish but want to look like adults. This is something many people have and they start to have too many responsibilities. They have to take care of others at the cost of themselves, they don't feel they can be happy when others are not as fortunate as they are. They become heavier and lose joy in life. Work becomes a routine and costs energy.
  • FEAR TO NOT HAVE CONTROL: Many people believe that they need to follow a plan and keep to that plan. When they don't have a plan, they feel lost. Others want to control people, some do it by intimidation, bullying or just talking loudly. The fun fact is that many people blame others for feeling like a victim and intimidated. They will say, that person was rude and lacked respect and was not nice. They are triggered when people don't behave or do not follow the rules of society.
  • ​FEAR OF LOVING TOO MUCH: Many people have built heart-walls to protect themselves from being hurt or from being rejected. They often feel abused and feel that when they love someone they have to sacrifice and give in to have a harmonious relationship and accept what they don't like. So they can be at peace and that is why they prefer not to express their desires. Many get frustrated because they do not dare to ask for what they want. They don't understand how to express their feelings and how to make a person feel loved by speaking their love language. This leads to a lot of heart ache and people are not able to open their hearts fully to love. They are afraid if they open up too much they will love the other more than they love themselves and they will get hurt because of that.
  • FEAR OF BEING REJECTED: This fear is about speaking up and standing for what you believe in. Most people prefer to be accepted than to speak their truth. They believe if they blend in and if they pretend not to be different that people will accept them as one of the group, or as a friend. The truth is that people only accept you if you look like them. So everybody is afraid to be authentic and not be different than the meek sheep. Sheep believe that being part of a big "look a like" group means safety.
  • ​FEAR OF BELIEVING IN WHAT IS NOT PERCEIVED WITH THE 5 SENSES: In other words if you can't see it or feel it, or measure it, it can not be real. This non-sense creates distrust in the intuitive channels and leads to trying to solve life-puzzles with logic. Logic is the belief that everything should have a known cause and effect excluding all the parts that are not being measured or seen. The result is that we lose contact with the compass that will tell us if something will be good for us or bad, if you can trust someone or not, if this investment is going to be good or not. It is like driving through fog with your eyes closed and bumping against many obstacles. Because of your blindness (trying to see logic where it is not) you call these painful incidents "lessons" and you return back to trying to explain logically why you bump into so many things. As you grow more experienced and start slowing down, and because of that you begin bumping softer. That makes you believe that you are growing spiritually, while in reality you are walking slow with your arms stretched out in front of you, trying to feel your way through the fog.
  • FEAR OF YOUR SPIRITUAL SELF: The fear that imprisons us most is the fear of our true potential. We don't want to believe that we can be super powerful. We have created walls of excuses and rationalizations why we don't have the resources in ourselves to shine our lights like the great models we see in our business and life. We put them on a pedestal so we can keep our selves small and dream about how life would be if we were them. Thus creating the illusion that they are better, luckier, more talented, more disciplined, more driven than you are. You know deep inside of you, that you could achieve this as well, but you are stuck in your own circle of stories and lies.
- Time to burn all these misconceptions of self -
Are you ready to break through all these fears, 
burn your old karma of THE old identity?
 ✨The karma is the damage you have caused to yourself and to others, the pain and suffering you have endured because of your beliefs and actions.
To burn the old is to seed the new Phoenix Rising, you in your greatest, grandest version.✨ 
JUST FOR A SHORT TIME FOR € 999,- instead of € 5.000,-
Epigenetics: your corrupted DNA results in an 
“Illusionary Identity”
New studies show without a shadow of a doubt that our thoughts create frequencies that affect our DNA. 
If you have beliefs that diminish your status of who you are, your “Power Identity” chromosomes will be deactivated. 
Therefore the full use of your resources will be cut off. 
But the worst thing: because of that the neurological representation of your personality becomes fixated in a holographic representation of your “Illusionary Identity”.
Which has a fatal consequential effect: you send out the frequencies of your fears that will have a higher intensity than your desires.  Thus limit the manifestation process or cancel the frequencies completely and you stay stuck in your uncomfortable comfort zone.
The greed dilemma leading to poverty consciousness & slave mentality
  • The greed factor is the missing link in creating a Power Identity.
  • Your heart has desires that you want to experience in your life. 
  • The corrupted DNA create fears of not being able to manifest your desires
  • Now your first center of Power is unbalanced (Powerless feeling)
  • You become overly focused on what you don’t have. 
  • Then you send out frequencies of being someone who does not have enough.
  • ​This cancels out the frequencies of your heart’s desires.
  • ​Therefore, you work harder to achieve your goals. 
  • ​You tell yourself that you are not a person who seeks power, but you feel that you are deceiving yourself with it

It's time to leave the Greed Dilemma and Power Paradox behind and
create the QUANTUM POWER IDENTITY as it was meant to be

A metaphorical example
Imagine a horse that is hungry, and you fixate in front of the horse with a contraption an apple just out of reach, what happens?
The horse will run faster to reach the apple that it cannot get and will run until it dies of exhaustion.
That is what happens to many people, and a big percentage (80%) accepts that their desires are out of their reach. 
20% will keep going, some will burn out, some will get frustrated but do not give up. 
They go to workshops and learn tricks that may work but often do not change their identity frequencies.
This ‘work harder paradigm’ creates the slave mentality that is now rampant in the population, with that comes the feeling of working hard for little reward. Which creates more anger, frustration, sadness, worries, insecurities, low self-esteem, and jealousy.
This belongs to the old epoch. Do you feel as well a new epoch is arising? 
Look - we work with the laws of the quantum field and our clients can achieve outstanding results effortlessly and timely. 
Do you think it makes sense to stop trying to get different results with the same mindset and frequencies?
JUST FOR A SHORT TIME FOR € 999,- instead of € 5.000,-
The only solution IS To Radically change your identity
If any of this makes any sense and you recognize some patterns of how you approach life, then you want to have a solution that is different, and we are ready to help you radically shift your identity from “the life I desire is impossible to reach” to “I know I have all the resources in me to attract effortlessly my desires!”
Answer these questions to know if you need radical change
  • Are you sick and tired of being stuck in the slave mentality of working hard for too little reward?
  • Are you ready to quantum jump to a new reality where you are successful with much more grace, ease, love, and joy?
  • Are you ready to unlock the sleeping Quantum Power in you and live the life of your dreams?
  • Are you ready to step out of spiritual confusion about life’s purpose and connect to your true purpose?
  • ​Are you ready to receive powerful tools that will radically change your perspective on manifestation?
  • Are you ready to upgrade your CORRUPTED DNA to SUCCESS DNA?
  • ​Are you ready to break free from the invisible prison you have become trapped in?
  • ​Are you ready to believe that success can be effortless?
  • ​Are you ready to learn a new way of success that uses quantum laws to bring more joy in manifesting your desires?
  • ​Are you ready to create a new Quantum Power Identity?
  • ​Are you ready to overcome any fear and tap into your resources?
  • A​re you ready to receive new tools that you can also use for your clients (For coaches, healers and entrepreneurs)?
If you say YES more than once, you are ready for a complete Identity makeover!
Most make overs are cosmetic, but this here is different.
We are talking about fundamentally changing the way you look at yourself, your capacity to manifest and what you are capable off. 
This is an identity make-over that your higher self has always dreamed of. 
It will help you radically change your old programming: of perspectives, beliefs, paradigms, habitual thinking patterns and emotional intelligence. 
This Quantum Power Identity Master-Retreat is a blueprint to upgrade the frequencies that you send out to a higher level.  All the disturbances that you create with your conflicted communications with the morphogenetic fields will be eliminated. So that you can linger in the ideal vibrancy which brings you closer to your goals.
Here are the steps we will do with you.
  • Burn the karma: Related with each frequency sending chakra centers. This alone will shift your frequencies to a higher level as you are burning karma through all timelines, past lives, this life, ancestral epigenetic influence, and future lives. This is Roy’s specialty to teach you how to burn the heavy frequencies created by negative karma.
  • Release the DNA corruption frequencies: This is Stefanie’s specialty to upgrade you to a higher frequency range with Quantum Leap Hypnosis.
  • Step out of the morphogenetic fields of fears: Humanity is stuck in a collective fear morphogenetic field of more than 16 different fears caused by the so-called pandemic we live in now. Just by stepping out of these heavy energies you are changing your destiny.
  • Download new Power Resources: You will connect with the most powerful Future Self you can imagine who is living the life of your desires and learn how to download and integrate the best resources with a technique developed by Roy and scientifically proven by a Russian scientist by the name of Vladimir Raikov.
  • ​Overcoming your biggest fear: That is the fear of being powerful, awesome, and successful beyond your imagination. It is never too late to step into who you really are born to be.
  • ​Energetic Sealing: Explore the easiest way to store the power frequencies permanently in your environment, to create a save space for you and your loved ones.
  • ​Quantum Power Omnipresence: Learn how you can establish an energetic power layer through energy vortexes, Ley lines and power places on the planet to build an unshakable energetic network, which will support the great awakening of humanity.

There is much more that will happen in the Quantum Power Identity Retreat... 
We will start with creating a power foundation of seeing your fears as doors to your courage. 
Without fear you cannot fully tap into your potential, as growth is a result of overcoming your challenges. But when you can do so effortlessly, challenges become an invitation to access more of your power. You will make success look shamelessly easy!

Are you in? or do you prefer to struggle more?
Most people don’t understand how the Universe works... 
From time to time a door opens to a new future. The cruel truth is: 99% of the people can't see the door. Can you?
The change behind the door can be incremental or radical. 
Are you tired of step-by-step growth? 
Then you are like our clients...they've felt - it's time for Quantum Leaps and to jump to the future that you deserve.
The power of your lack and slave mentality will block you to make the most important decision in your life: "Do I want a radical change, or do I continue on this path of trial and error, struggle, hard work, desperation, frustration, and knowing you can do better?". 
We know- to be radically honest to yourself sucks, but it's the fastest way to heal and unleash your Quantum Power Identity
JUST FOR A SHORT TIME FOR € 999,- instead of € 5.000,-
Is that also for me if I don't have a business yet?
Should you already have baby clothes when you are 9 months pregnant? No matter how far you are with your business, whether you are a billionaire, on the threshold of a five-digit month or a newbie: you will make a quantum leap in your development!
I am already a lightworker and I am already advanced. Does it make sense for me then too?
Yes, it makes you work at the speed of light.
The frequency of the place swings over 500Hz and time stops there.
Our retreats are UNIQUE, SPECIAL and full of TAKE AWAYS. We work with energy sealing. While the effects of other retreats, workshops and events fizzle out after a few weeks, real magic happens here. Our participants say things like: "That was the best investment of my life". The spiritual business retreat brings you, your light body and the energy body of your business a reset for the 5th dimension. The question is: are you ready for this?


Quantum Psychologist
Stefanie is a role model for female entrepreneurs, that are not willing to sacrifices their time to achieve extraordinarily results
Psychology meets Business Consultancy
Stefanie helps extraordinary world leaders achieve outstanding results. She is an expert in leading high performers to more energy and success.
Stefanie is a quantum psychologist, business mentor, and mother of 4 children with over 20 years of experience in coaching ultra-successful people. 

Sparkling Unicorn Dust
What clients appreciate is her profound knowledge, her badass mentoring style, her big heart, and the juicy taste of german humor. 

International Appreciated Expertise
The expertise of Quantum Psychology is worldwide needed. Stefanie's work was published in Forbes, Influencive and Disrupt, and Inc Magazine. She is a thought leader of unassisted childbirth, alternative education, and natural healing. 

Making impossible goals possible
Those who you would never expect to need a coach, are those who come to Stefanie to get VIP Coaching.

Conscious Entrepreneur pur sang
Roy is a savvy serial entrepreneur specialized in royalties, ease & free money, and a relaxed lifestyle.
Dr. Roy Martina M.D.
Over 250 million products sold
Roy has influenced millions of people worldwide in more than 45 countries through his workshops, books, Remedies, Audio programs, Brain trainings, Retreats and has sold over $250 million of his products since he started his first practice 44 years ago.

Roy is one of the best paid coaches in Europe, Russia and China
He works with billionaires and multimillionaires in China, Russia, Netherlands, USA and big global companies, he has been a coach trainer for Shell, KLM, Walmart, ABN-AMRO Bank, etc.

He has worked with lots of famous people in 12 countries
He has coached several Hollywood starts including Kate Beckinsale, Martin Sheen, Eva Cavalli (Cavalli fashion) Smokey Robinson, the family of Carlos Santana and has been asked by the Russian Government to coach the Olympic team (he refused as this would take him away from his mission). He charges up to 1 million for a 1-year coaching.

Prolific Author
He has published 88 books, with several bestsellers and over 2 million copies sold.
Quantum science researcher
He is an expert in Practical Quantum techniques to increase the power of manifestation.

My passion and expertise is the use of high frequencies from different unique sources combined magical incantations and intentions with incredible results often faster than I thought was possible.
Roy’s and my expertise overlap and the differences compliment each other and create a powerful synergistic effect (witnessed by the participants of the last Retreat). We are even more powerful when we work together.

The first Retreat we did in September had a 100% positive satisfaction rating and feedback. 
(check the many testimonials on video)

Now you have the chance to experience that synergistic transformational power.
We are excited to teach our secrets based on a combined experience of 65 years. We are welcoming you in our Retreat and will do everything humanly possible to give you the biggest transformation of your life.


Roy is a No-Bullshit Business Coach who will tell you straight and direct how you are stuck in your patterns, and he uses power tools he created working 40 years as a Holistic Doctor and Business Coach, together with my frequency techniques, we will obliterate your old identity.
Grab this chance!
In 2022 he will stop with workshops as he is creating now a new business start up (Quantum Start-Up Inc.) that will change the state of the world.
Grab this chance to work with someone I respect and have admiration for what he is doing.

OUR promise to you
We have invested millions in workshops, training programs, world-class Coaches, and Mentors. We will provide our whole knowledge to help you transform from where you are now to who you can be. 
We are tired of seeing coaches suffer and believe you deserve better, and we promise you: your investment will be better than anything you can imagine, you get back your power and become who you are meant to be.
Our clients hire us for 1 reason only: we get results that other coaches are not getting and that is because of our holistic Quantum approach. Can you imagine, how powerful it is, to incorporate all the wisdom into the teachings and mentoring?
We have one mission: to see you become the best you can be. Your success is our best reward. Your results will create a ripple effect on the whole planet. 
Imagine, how your loved ones will express their gratitude for your transformation and impact.


Roy has done over 40 years of research on holistic health and for 10 years he has delved into Quantum science to accelerate healing, vitality and achievements of desired outcomes. He has lived on prana (no food, no liquids), he has done extreme sports and is a world champion in martial arts (3 unbroken world records), he is one of the most invited European Doctor for conferences worldwide on a incredible range of subjects, from longevity to healing with quantum techniques.

I have been diving deep into using all kinds of frequencies for the same. Our expertise overlaps and the difference compliment each other. We are even more powerful when we work together. The first Retreat we did in September had a 100% positive rating and feedback.
Now you have. The chance to experience that power.

What the attendants from the last retreat say...

"It's so magical what's happening right now. All doors are opening now ❤️💜❤️"

"I am very touched. The last meditation was just amazing."

"Dear Stefanie, Dear Roy, you are so sympathetic and I feel now very intensely the quantum leap within me 😍"

"This last travel meditation was really the liberation explosion 😍"

"Thank you so much - it was a great pleasure to spend time with all of you. It was life changing 🙏💃⭐💫❤️❤️⭐"

"I love it! 😍"

"It made my life lighter and with more joy 😍"
"Touching!!! I am so happy to see and feel this unlimitlessness - thank you so much!"

"There have been rivers of tears, deepest liberation 😍"

"The world is better now."

"I feel high vibration, happy and connected!!!! 🌟 limitless wide 💞"
JUST FOR A SHORT TIME FOR € 999,- instead of € 5.000,-
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