Quantum Leap HypnosIS: 
Quantum Millionaire
 – How to use the quantum field to become a millionaire with ease without toiling for years –
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The fascinating magic of a multi-million dollar master teaching:

  • QUANTUM MILLIONAIRE: Find out everything you need to immerse yourself in the abundance of frequencies in which your goals are already a reality
  • QUANTUM LEAP HYPNOSIS: Experience how you unlock your wealth in the quantum field
  • REMOVE BLOCKAGES​: Clear blockages of all kinds to make room for financial abundance
  • ABUNDANCE DOWNLOAD: Get all the skills and abilities to permanently swing in the millionaire frequency
  • DNA CODING: Program absolute and fulfilling wealth at the cellular level
The debit is made by Digistore. After booking, you will immediately have access to hypnosis.

Stefanie Bruns

Stefanie supports extraordinary World Leaders in making impossible results POSSIBLE through neuro-energetic programming.
She is a business mentor, quantum psychologist,
System energetic and lives with her 4 children in the most beautiful places in the world.
Experience the all-encompassing possibilities of the quantum field and connect with the infinite source of abundance
 Yes, I want to make millions NOW with ease

What the participants say:

"The meditation is great! I feel my inner peace!" Daniel

"Easily, as if reborn after fasting for 3 days - thank you, thank you, thank you." Alexandra

"Thank you, I am very touched, I feel deep bliss as I have never felt it before." Babette

"Thank you for the powerful and luminous joy and love! Thank you, thank you." Karen

"THANK YOU THANK YOU! It's indescribable, new widths have emerged. I see the world with different eyes. Wonderful." Torsten

"Infinitely big :-) That brings clarity to the mind!" Kevin David
"A week after the meditation I still have an unprecedented inner calm. I can open my heart rate like a lotus flower at the push of a button and feel a tingling sensation." 
Hans Georg

"I can say without exaggeration that this mediation has changed my life." Eva Maria

"Dear Stefanie, the cosmic plan slipped through"
Absolute clarity !!!
Focus on my spiritual art and its healing and
from now on only trainings that I do via zoom no more healing, my team does that !!!!
Thank you thank you thank you"
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