How to use the energy of crystals and the quantum field to become a millionaire with ease, without slaving away for years....
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The fascinating magic of crystal frequencies for you at home:

  • LIGHT CODE PROSPERITY GRID: Special formation from sacred geometry in which crystals of your choice can be intuitively arranged. This grid is created with the Holy Intention to bring you into the high frequency frequencies of abundance where the millions can flow.
  • CRYSTAL POWER: It empowers the owner to use the high frequency lines to allow the crystals to amplify each other. Each crystal within the grid intensifies the qualities and energy of the other crystals
  • INTENSIFIER: The Light Code Prosperity Grid is a powerful amplifier for the vibrations in your life and business.
  • FOCUSED ENERGIES: Your energies are amplified and channelled through the crystals of your choice in the Light Code Prosperity Grid to manifest various goals.
  • VIBRATION FIELDS: The vibrational fields of Divine Abundance, Cosmic Mission, Galactic Light Codes and Sacred Millionaire Consciousness are at work.
  • NEW HOMEOPATHY: By using the signs of the New Homeopathy (Y, YY correct, || sinus correct) the effect is intensified (Y), or the denials, curses and blockages are neutralised (sinus).
  • CRYSTAL CONSCIOUSNESS: The Light Code Prosperity Grid was created by crystalline consciousness of the new earth frequencies, which connects to your primal sequence and the earth grid and can make energetic adjustments there as needed for the highest good of all.
  • FORMS OF ABUNDANCE: The Light Code Prosperity Grid is designed to unlock and activate all forms of abundance and success in your life.
  • LIGHT CODE: This light code will help you to perceive and magically attract the infinite possibilities in your life, in order to reach the infinite source of divine prosperity.
  • MILLIONAIRE-LEAGUE: Whether it is success in life or business. The energy frequencies used here will bring you into the vibration of the holy millionaire league.
  • Content: Downloadable PDF (A4 can be laminated and used with gemstones of your choice)

Stefanie Bruns

Stefanie is a Business Mentor, Psychologist and Founder of the Business Flow Academy.
She inspires and transforms thousands of ultra-successful experts, coaches and other thought leaders with passion through her Energetics System.
Her teachings on success, marketing and personal development go deep into the heart and plant a seed that brings people back to their essence.
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