These 9 grids are the ultimate and simplest path to infinite cosmic abundance, health, and vitality that the most successful leaders of the new age use daily.

Ever wondered why some people effortlessly experience abundance, vitality, and health?

... while others are working so hard for that?

It's not because some are born with a golden spoon.

The most succuessful leaders of the new age are not born with the golden spoon. No. But they're using the 9 Grids of the Magic Energy Grid Bundle to effortlessly attract cosmic abundance, health, and vitality. Simply by putting the grids under their beds and drinking energized water. I'm aware that this sounds too simple to be true. Read what 800+ happy Grid users experience:
The grid has just brought me another €2000 into my account
I can only recommend the grids. I've been using them for months and don't want to be without them anymore. Especially to program water for the plants, for the animals as drinking water, as an energy generator for yourself in the car, if you have to drive for several hours, you can sit on it. Just awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that
Dear Stefanie, a short feedback about the grids: My cell phone didn't charge overnight today, and the charging cable didn't work in the morning either. I tried everything. Then I connected the cell phone to the cable, placed it on the Healing Grid and after about 20 minutes it started charging! Overall, I have only had good experiences with the various grids. Fantastic! Thank you for your work!
It's sensational how intense and effective this oath of protection is. Within 10 minutes, nothing more tired, nothing more quack and unmotivated. instead rocket strong. Thank you thank you thank you
I sleep on a slightly older mattress that is already somewhat worn out. I've been thinking about replacing for a while...
A few days ago I put one of the grids under the mattress. And what should I say? The mattress is suddenly completely firm and feels like new. How crazy is that?
I put it on my phone and it's crazy what's happening here. The games stutter less, my battery now lasts twice as long and fewer viruses.

What the energy grids do for you

  • CRYSTAL POWER: All grids work through high-frequency lines. Each crystal within the grid intensifies the qualities and energies of the other crystals.
  • NEW HOMEOPATHY: By using the signs of the New Homeopathy (Y, YY correct, || sinus correct) the effect is intensified (Y). Denials, curses, and blockages are neutralized (sinus).
  • EASY TO USE: You will receive all 9 Crystal Grids as a PDF download ​(A4 format, which can be laminated and used with your choice of gemstones).
  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: These grids contain the stardust of the universe—you can reinforce them with gemstones, but you can also simply place them under your mattress, energize rooms, unclog electrical lines and water pipes, or simply energize your drinking water. They are the basis for magical rituals and power place activations, and much more.
  • NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND: If you are not satisfied with the Magic Energy Grid Bundle, you can return it to us within 60 days of the date of purchase, and we will happily refund the purchase price—no questions asked.

9 powerful Crystal Grids to bring cosmic magic into your life:

  • ENERGETIC PROTECTION GRID: This grid activates a Protection Frequency Shield Blueprint and safely and gently increases your Life Force Units. It's ideal for protecting you (and your home and business) from energetic attacks, shadow parasites, and dark entities. 
  • LIGHT CODE PROSPERITY GRID: The vibration fields of Divine Abundance are at work—this grid was created with the Holy Intention to bring you to a vibration of wealth where the millions flow easily into your life.
  • HEALING CODE GRID: Use the healing power of the grid to tune into your ideal high frequency, clear outdated karmic blockages, and activate divine qualities.
  • QUANTUM POWER IDENTITY GRID: Awaken your Cosmic DNA and get ready to live your true mission as a Light Being. You will be blessed with a whole new cosmic self-awareness and infinite power (even without coffee, energy drinks, and liters of Matcha Latte).
  • INTERGALACTIC PORTAL ACTIVATOR GRID: This grid activates your very own power to use intergalactic portals effectively. Receive valuable information and downloads that will bring you into cosmic abundance.
  • STARSEED CODE ACTIVATOR GRID: You delve deep into your intergalactic core and let your Starseed DNA shine. Gain omniversal knowledge with this grid and experience who you really are.
  • QUANTUM MANIFESTATION GRID: This grid is fed by the power of the omniscient quantum field and helps you manifest your wildest desires, goals, and visions at quantum speed.
  • NEURO-ENERGETIC-PROGRAMMING GRID: Use this powerful grid whenever you want to erase old blueprints and reprogram your DNA. It has a supporting effect on resolving outdated neural connections.
  • QUANTUM LOVE GRID: The mega upgrade for your relationships! With this grid, you charge the connection between your loved ones and you with unconditional love, light, and fresh energy.
  • BONUS – QUANTUM WATER ENERGIZER: Use this high-energy water tool to energize your daily water ration and enjoy only the purest, most vibrant beverage quality.
You get the bundle with 9 grids + Bonus for the unbeatable price of only €55 and save over 30.00% compared to the price for each individual grid. 

Exclusive Grids: Quantum Power Identity, Starseed Code Activator and Healing Code, Quantum Manifestation Grid, Neuro-Energetic-Programming Grid, and the Quantum Love Grid are ONLY available within this bundle.
BONUS just for you: The Quantum Water Energizer is FREE on top to energize your daily water ration to uplevel your frequency with every sip.
The secure payment is made through Digistore24. After booking, you get immediate lifetime access to the Grid Bundle.

Stefanie Bruns

Stefanie is a 7-figure Business Mentor, QuantumPsychologist and Founder of the Business Flow Academy.
She inspires and transforms thousands of ultra-successful experts, coaches and other thought leaders with passion through her Energetics System.
Her teachings on success, marketing and personal development go deep into the heart and plant a seed that brings people back to their essence.
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