Use the power of crystals to quickly and effectively set up protective barriers for yourself, your loved ones, and your business
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The Energetic Protection Grid is a digital product.
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The unique protective power of crystalline frequencies with a deep effect:

  • PROTECTION GRID INTENTION: The Energetic Protection Grid is created with the Holy Intention to keep low vibrating attacks of all kinds away from you and everything linked to you. Experience how abundance flows to you effortlessly when there is no sabotaging energy attacking you.
  • HIGH FREQUENT CODES: Our Grids contain formations from Sacred Geometry. You only use crystals that appeal to you personally and arrange them intuitively—for your individual, highly effective protective pattern.
  • CRYSTAL INTENSIFIER: The high-frequency lines ensure that all the crystals used reinforce each other and that protective mechanisms such as energetic barriers are particularly strong.
  • ENERGETIC PROTECTION FIELDS: You will be blessed with the vibrational fields of Energetic Protection, Holy Cosmic Shields, Guardian Lights, and the power of your Higher Self.
  • NEW HOMEOPATHY: By using the signs of the New Homeopathy (Y, YY correct, || sinus correct) the effect is intensified (Y), or the denials, curses, and blockages are neutralized (sinus).
  • COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS: The cosmic consciousness of our new earth flows through the Energetic Grid. What you experience is not superficial protection from the outside, but real Holy Protection from the primal essence of our cosmos.
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION CIRCLE: With the activation of the Energetic Protection Grid you feel protected and safe in no time and can pursue your goals without hesitation and with new joy and ease.
  • SIMPLE APPLICATION: PDF for download in A4 format. You can laminate it and use it with gemstones of your choice.

Stefanie Bruns

Stefanie is a 7-figure Business Mentor, Quantum Psychologist and Founder of the BusinessFlowAcademy.
She inspires and transforms thousands of ultra-successful experts, coaches and other thought leaders with passion through her Energetics System.
Her teachings on success, marketing and personal development go deep into the heart and plant a seed that brings people back to their essence.
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